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This style has a Tropo sole Tropo Wide width has insole discontinued style

Comfortable cannot be elegant? Then we would like to introduce our traditional and playful model kybun Rolle Navy. It is ideally suited for health-conscious gentlemen who don't want to miss out on playful details. Silver eyelets and light-coloured laces add subtle glamour to the otherwise sporty design.

kybun Rolle Navy

 Item no.: AM187A
Available sizes: EU 39 – 49
Upper: Full-grain leather and mesh
Lining: Mesh and microfiber
Insole: Mesh
Sole: PU, Tropo

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Springy like on a trampoline

The kybun shoe will impress you from the very first step. Just like on a trampoline, it provides you with a relaxing and training effect all in ONE! The elastic springy sole trains and relieves your body at the same time. Put on your kybun shoes and start walking, enjoy the unique feeling and benefit from an integrated training experience.

The elastic springy trampoline effect offers the best quality and healthiest exercise you can find! As with the vital elements in nutrition, the trampoline effect is the primary source of your exercise. Depending on the selected style, the sole has a more intense (higher rebound-effect) or lighter (lower rebound-effect) trampoline effect.

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Foot sensor technology
The kybun shoe‘s flexible, cushioned trampoline sole allows your feet to feel every detail of the ground, which stimulates the health-promoting receptors in your feet.

Air-cushion sole
The unique kybun sole consists of specially developed multi-component polyurethane (PU), into which many tiny air bubbles have been sealed. This elastic springy air pad enables optimal cushioning.


  1. Heel cushioning

  2. Elastic & springy

  3. Perfect pressure distribution

Swiss or Italian made

The Rolle Navy is either Swiss Made or Made in Italy. To optimize our logistic network and labour force, we make some sizes of this kybun model in both Switzerland and Italy. We manufacture the Swiss air-cushion shoe and its elastic springy sole largely by hand, using a process that includes up to 40 different steps by a dedicated workforce of skilled shoemakers and kybun's Swiss high-tech sole robot. Both production facilities (Switzerland and northern Italy) follow the exact same manufacturing processes.

Tropo sole - Your mini-trampoline

The Rolle Navy has a Tropo sole and therefore a lower Rebound-EffectThis sole has an improved profile for squeaky floors and a «kybun light» feeling with less initial reactions. The Tropo sole is the successor of the popular Cirrus sole and has all the advantages of the previous models. It is designed to roll better in the backfoot area than the Cirrus sole. Furthermore, it has an ideal fit for almost every foot. This type of sole offers a slightly reduced intensity and effect. With its «kybun-light» feeling, it is ideal for people with weaknesses in the muscular system or balance disorders. Also for all exercise fanatics, who don't want to miss the kybun shoes during sports activities. Perfect for sports such as tennis, volleyball, jogging, etc., where it is less about the winning and more about pain-free movement. The sole has no air cylinder due to the lower height. The Tropo sole also has the optimal kybun grip on all floors.

Overview of kybun soles

Interchangeable Footbed (insole)

Rolle Navy has a interchangeable insole for optimal comfort and rebound-effect.

Surefooted! Lab tests confirm slip resistance

The slip resistance of the kybun soles is backed up by precision laboratory testing in the USA.

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Susan H.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
  • Walking sensation RegularGoodUnique
  • Fit NarrowNormalWide

Rolle Navy

Very comfortable shoes, have ordered before. Like zip fastening. Excellent for Spring/Summer. Not so good for wet winter conditions. Fast delivery.

David S.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
  • Fit NarrowNormalWide
  • Walking sensation RegularGoodUnique

Medical 5 stars but the Zip

My conclusion is that I should be wearing a kuybun shoe for all my activities both inside and outside the house. Need to earn a bit more cash before I can consider that solution. Levelling up has taken on a new meaning with Kybun shoes helping my posture and I sense even pressure through the left and right side of the body. Any microscopic difference in leg length has been absorbed and persistent pain in my knee and lower back has disappeared. I have axial spondalytis so this change has been massive. One major downer has been the zip on the style I chose. I have not mastered how to wear my kybun shoes for an extended period as the zip requires frequent attention when I am walking any distance. Happily have the zip undone whist around the house ( during the phase when I didn’t use my shoes outdoors). Now they are outdoor shoes and I miss having the support for my ‘body’ and feet indoors. So for the medical impact - fantastic (but need at least an indoor and outdoor solution for maximum benefit) No doubt there are over models styles without the zip that might be better for my outside activities.

Sarah C.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
  • Fit NarrowNormalWide
  • Walking sensation RegularGoodUnique

Slightly disappointed

Good quality and good fit. Was hoping they would make walking life a little more comfortable but sadly, knee and hip pain remain.

David B.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Floating on Air with style

This is the 2nd pair of Kybun shoes that I have purchased. Why? They are quality footware with the added advantage of the cushioned sole and the side zip. They are extremely hard-wearing and easy to clean. The customer service is as expected from a Swiss company - excellent!

David M.
United Kingdom United Kingdom


I suffered a serious ankle injury a few years ago, and the specialist who treated me recommended Kybun. I am SO GLAD that he did. They are by far the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn. The impact protection is amazing, and when wearing them I can walk for longer distances and durations without any pain than I could before. I no longer need to wear an ankle support either, as these shoes do it all.They’re the best purchase I’ve made in years! I've seen a few comments regarding the zip. I find that the zip makes it very easy to remove the shoes without undoing the laces. It's not so easy to put them back on just using the zip (and leaving the laces tied) unless the laces are tied quite loosely. However, I usually do the zip up then tie the laces, and that works fine.