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Sursee Black Sursee Blue-Red Sursee Grey-Blue Sursee Grey

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This style has a Nimbus sole Nimbus Standard width
The Sursee Black model convinces with its sporty look in fashionable black and the white sole. The grey highlights set a fashionable accent and contrast to the otherwise classic shoe. The mesh inserts of Sursee Black also ensure a high level of air permeability and on warm days a pleasant foot climate. Discover also other colour variations of the popular Sursee collection.
Item No.: AM033A
Available sizes: EU 39 - 49
Upper: Leather, Mesh
Lining: Microfiber and Mesh
Insole: Mesh
Sole: PU, Nimbus

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Springy like on a trampoline

The kybun shoe will impress you from the very first step. Just like on a trampoline, it provides you with a relaxing and training effect all in ONE! The elastic springy sole trains and relieves your body at the same time. Put on your kybun shoes and start walking, enjoy the unique feeling and benefit from an integrated training experience.

The elastic springy trampoline effect offers the best quality and healthiest exercise you can find! As with the vital elements in nutrition, the trampoline effect is the primary source of your exercise. Depending on the selected style, the sole has a more intense (higher rebound-effect) or lighter (lower rebound-effect) trampoline effect.

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Foot sensor technology
The kybun shoe‘s flexible, cushioned trampoline sole allows your feet to feel every detail of the ground, which stimulates the health-promoting receptors in your feet.

Air-cushion sole
The unique kybun sole consists of specially developed multi-component polyurethane (PU), into which many tiny air bubbles have been sealed. This elastic springy air pad enables optimal cushioning.


  1. Heel cushioning

  2. Elastic & springy

  3. Perfect pressure distribution

Made in Italy - Montebelluna

The Sursee Black is produced in our own production facility in Montebelluna near Venice, Italy. We manufacture the Swiss air-cushion shoe and its elastic springy sole largely by hand, using a process that includes up to 40 different steps by a dedicated workforce of skilled shoemakers and kybun's Swiss high-tech sole robot. Both production facilities (Switzerland an northern Italy) follow the exact same manufacturing processes.

Nimbus sole - Your mini-trampoline

The Sursee Black has a Nimbus sole and therefore a higher Rebound-Effect. The Nimbus sole is the kybun standard sole since 2016This type of sole offers maximum effect as well as the ultimate in training performance and absorption. The foot pressure is evenly distributed and the power supply is optimised. The elastic and springy material compensates poor postures and misalignments by stretching the posterior muscle chain with each step and the full-length sole profile with larger contact area to the ground ensures optimal grip on any surface. 

Overview of kybun soles

Foot climate system

The airy honeycomb structure of the kybun shoe creates an air-cushion between your foot and the ground. Every step pumps a fifth of the air volume into the foot space to cre­ate a comfortable shoe climate.

Surefooted! Lab tests confirm slip resistance

The slip resistance of the kybun soles is backed up by precision laboratory testing in the USA.

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Paul M.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Great service

Well built and with the right support.

M W.
United Kingdom United Kingdom


Tried soooo many different shoes..MBTs, etc…but this is like walking on air - the most comfortable shoe I have EVER worn….

Matthew E.
United Kingdom United Kingdom


My shoes arrived quickly. appearance wise, they are actually very bland looking and resemble a cheap pair you can buy in a supermarket. the picture is accurate but obviously an isolated picture of a shoe taken for its best effect may be a little misleading. this is not why I bought the shoe, but I feel it is important to mention this point. On trying the shoe I noticed a bouncy feeling - kinda how I expected it to be, that is good, it does make walking feel light - I feel this is misleading for two reasons. First point. The shoe is heavy and when I wore them on a light two mile walk I could certainly notice the extra weight, it made me feel cumbersome. Second point. I am quite heavy 16st at 5ft 9in and yet I am powerfully built, I noticed my heel would list to whichever side I would turn. This caused blisters very quickly and I made an effort to ensure my foot plant was in a straight line. I have had these shoes a few weeks and have broken them in, however I still get that blistering feel in my heel on a walk of any length. I do not think they suit an active lifestyle, well not for me anyway. For the money, definitely not worth it in my opinion.


kybun webshop UK (official)

Hello Mathew Thank you for taking the time to send your feedback and I'm sorry that you are not sufficiently happy with your purchase. The look of the shoe is a personal thing but I have to say your model has been a popular style for many years. It has a certain retro look but I've never heard anyone compare it to a supermarket shoe before. I think if you were to make a proper test and comparison with such a cheaper shoe or most other shoes on the market for that matter you would notice a world of difference. In the online shop, you can view a close-up of the shoe and a 360° preview like here: The average life cycle of the kybun shoe has been calculated at around 4 million steps (2000 kilometres, or about two years) taking into account varying individual factors. I am aware that our shoes weigh slightly more than conventional shoes but the difference is not so significant. This makes the shoe robust and provides stability, without which, the added elastic springy benefits you get from the kybun sole would in my opinion not be feasible. Speaking from experience, blistering is rare with kybun shoes but can be caused by several factors such as friction, sweating, unsuitable socks or an abnormal gait pattern. A blister patch may help to relieve the irritated area if it continues. As you stated you are trying to improve your gait and posture but this may take longer to correct properly. To add some perspective I am 179cm and 12 stone. I have always struggled with poor posture but I am convinced this is a big factor in reducing walking pain. I have lost over 1.5 stones in the last few years just through healthy exercise and no diets. The point I would like to make is that the foot is encouraged to work much more effectively with the kybun shoe. With every step, you are activating more of the smaller muscles in your feet, which affects your whole body, so this can be tiring initially depending on your general condition. I think if you persevere with the shoe you will find that it continues to help you and you will find your walking enjoyment will increase. Concerning design, we are improving our range as much as possible, primarily we are a health shoe but we are putting a lot of effort into the design and all our new styles are from our own in-house Italian shoe designer. On a side note, we offer free medical advice from a qualified medical team that may interest you. On the following page is a form that you can use for medical questions: I don't expect you will agree with everything I have said but I respect your opinion and only hope I have answered your points fairly and that you might then see things in a different light. I wish you all the best and I hope you will still be able to profit from your kybun shoe. Kind regards Benjamin kybun support

Rod F.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Replacement shoes

I had bought a pair of Kybun shoes but unfortunately saw there was a fault. The shoes were promptly replaced by Kybun in a quick and really efficient process. Top class organisation. Highly recommend this Company and their first class products.

Lena H.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Kybun shoes

Very good at the moment I haven’t wore them much but when i go on holiday they will be worn every day so i hope they help my knee problem