Where does the kybun shoe originate?

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Originally the first kybun shoes were produced in northern Italy as this provided the necessary infrastructure and closest proximity to Switzerland. This was where 5 years of meticulous research and design led to the realisation of the first kybun air-cushion sole which forms the foundation of the kybun shoe. Today more than half of all kybun shoes are made in Switzerland.

Manufacturing shoes solely with 100% labour and materials in a single country is a big challenge nowadays. Although some upper shoe parts are sewn abroad, kybun sandals, for example, are almost entirely produced in Switzerland. The rest of the shoe production, such as finishing the sole, adding the inner sole and binding of the upper shoe, inclusive quality control is otherwise carried out in Switzerland or Italy. This all constitutes a significant part of the whole production process and qualifies the kybun shoe for its Swiss or Italian origin.

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