15 Years of kybun

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The story of the Swiss air-cushion shoe from kybun is a true journey of perseverance and ingenuity. After revolutionizing the shoe industry with MBT shoes in 1996, Karl Müller reinvented his healthy walking vision with the kybun shoe in 2006. Whilst it is easy to attribute all this success to a strong head for business, one thing is clear, Karl's heart has always remained sincere and dedicated to helping people enjoy pain-free lives.

Following on from MBT, kybun was the obvious step for Karl, helping more people with their health problems and providing them with the ultimate health shoe. Karl insisted that the shoe should be carefully and lovingly developed in his home country Switzerland because the kybun shoe is like no other shoe and the complexities of producing it would require all his energy and resources. 
During this time the kybun shoe has established itself as one of the most advanced health shoes on the market, is available in over 50 countries and has helped millions of people to walk pain-free. 

Karl Müller is now a pensioner enjoying a rural and self-sufficient family life having handed his business down to his eldest son, Karl Müller the 4th. His opinions and ideas are still highly sort after and he maintains his passion for healthy movement by expanding the kybun exercise programmes for diverse health conditions. «You can take the man out of kybun but you can't take kybun out of Karl.»

To mark his life's achievements and the 15th Jubilee of kybun we have launched the kybun Karl model. This shoe incorporates the latest kybun sole technology and high-trampoline properties with a bold and exciting new design.

The Karl

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